Top 5 Website Sins – Halloween Edition

The start of October means it’s almost time for one of the most widely celebrated holidays; Halloween! In our Halloween Edition of our blog, we will be talking about our top 5 website sins and how you can avoid digging yourself an early grave!

Every year, on the 31st of October, people get dressed up, hold events, attend parties and get in the spooky spirit ready for Halloween. In the past, we have seen lots of websites that join in the with the festivities and give a creepy and horrifying theme to their website. However, we notice that some haven’t changed their site to accommodate Halloween – they are just plain spooky!

    Watch out! Although the creepy, ancient appearance is good for witches and mummies, it is a no-no for your website!

It seems many websites we see on the internet today, have an eerie appearance and have been left in the dreadful dark ages. Technology is fast-paced and ever-changing; therefore it is important to keep on top of this, so you don’t get left behind on current trends and the latest requirements. Sadly, we still see websites that have been forgotten about which are now outdated and no longer functioning correctly to meet their business needs.

Sadly, we still see websites that have been forgotten about which are now outdated and no longer functioning correctly to meet their business needs.

Having an out of date website will not only leave your website unappealing to users but can also cause your website to become hard to navigate which ultimately will create a high bounce rate for your website. A high bounce rate will ultimately affect your search engine performance ranking, making your website harder to find to potential new customers. This is why we chose this as our number one website sin.

If your website is not performing, you are chasing your potential customers away straight into your competitors’ arms.

    Your website might be fully functioning, but is your branding is scaring people away?

Although business logos and branding are subjective to people’s tastes, there are certainly areas to avoid when deciding how you want to portray your company.

Our second website sin consists of busy logos which dilute your message or brand and should be prevented. Messy imagery/text on logos make the logo less memorable and recognisable as your audience will struggle to recognise it instantly.

This could affect your repeat custom further down the line and even cause you problems when attempting to place your logo on promotional collateral.

    Could your creepy colours be giving people nightmares?

Having a chilling colour catastrophe is something we as a marketing agency, have come across many times in the past. Colours that don’t match, or complement the objective you are trying to achieve can severely damage your business’s credibility making this our third website sin.

Sometimes, if you use colours that don’t match or look odd when placed together, you run the risk of looking unprofessional. In addition, using the wrong colours in certain areas can affect your text readability on your website and various print materials causing your potential customers to switch off instantly.

You can read more about how colour can affect your brand identity in our previous blog post, How Colour Affects Marketing and Brand Design

    Don’t let evil errors be the trick to your treat.

An error on your website can be anything from a broken link to a more complex, functional issue.

Errors can be dangerously damaging to your reputation. If a customer or user cannot access the area of the website they want due to an error, they will get frustrated and leave your site and be very hard to convert further down the line.

This is a common issue in online shops, and we often see businesses lose sales due to broken links or generic page errors.

In the fast-paced world of technology, customers want to buy online in just a few simple clicks, and if your website has errors, you could be losing out on substantial sales.

    Is your website a nightmare to use with a mobile device?

It is well-known that more people are surfing the web on mobile and tablet devices than on desktop computers than ever before.

Therefore, it is crucial that your website works on all platforms. Having a mobile-friendly and responsive website will allow you to reach new audiences and give a fantastic user experience to people browsing your website on any device.

Having a website that is not mobile-friendly in 2021 is possibly the biggest website crime you can commit and one that is not to be ignored. You can read more about this topic in our previous blog post, 5 Reasons Why You Need to Update Your Website.

Don’t commit the five deadly Halloween website sins; we can carry out a free website performance report on your ghoulish website.

To find out more about how we help transform your website from a frightening nightmare to a customer’s dream, contact us today.

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