5 Reasons You Need Live Chat on Your Website

Although not a new application, live chat facilities have certainly become increasingly popular over the past year. More and more companies now have a live chat facility active on their website during working hours, and this feature is now a standard aspect of a company’s website. These live chat programmes can undoubtedly bring more business through your door and not having one when your competitors do might be a significant hindrance to your business and sales. But what makes them so great? And why are do so many websites have them now? Here are five reasons why we think you should consider investing in a live chat on your website.

Live chat facilities are just that; they are live which is an excellent draw to customers who are in a rush or don’t have the time to call or email you in regards to their queries. Live chats allow the customer to contact you, with prompt and speedy responses, giving them the answer they want quickly. It is also much easier to use then emails and online enquiry forms. In the age of texting, this is the ideal solution for customers as it can be seen as a form of text communication. Having live chat on your website gives the customer the ability to multitask while contacting you; they can continually browse your website, while speaking to you, potentially increasing your sales!

Having a live chat on your website is very cost efficient and often have minimal if no upfront costs! They are easy to maintain, it would merely be a matter of replying to the customer while you continue to carry on your work as usual, which will not hinder productivity. Having this platform will reduce costs of call centres, phone contracts, phone bills etc. as this could be a better point of contact than a phone call.

In today’s world, more and more people use the internet than ever before, it is an age of technology, and live chat facilities are at the forefront of that. More people now like to email and use online chats then they do make a phone call, so having this service on your website can give you a competitive edge against your competitors who don’t have them! Some people may be reluctant to contact you if a phone number is the only point of contact, having live chat on your website will give the user the option and convenience to chat with you quickly and easily. Communication is key to sales, having different contact options on your site will provide you with that competitive edge!

Although often a good source of communication, emails and phone calls can be very unnecessary and lengthy. Emails can go unnoticed, missed, forgotten, sent to spam and ignored and often take a while for replies, after a while this could deter customers away due to lack of regular communication. Phone calls have their setbacks, lengthy switchboards, an excessive number of options and departments and not forgetting long holding times can also chase customers away, especially if their time is limited. Having live chat on your website is not only easy to use but provide quick, if not instant replies. There is no chance of being left on hold or the email going into your junk folder; you get immediately notified when someone has sent a message, and you can send an instant response.

It will come as no surprise, and it is no secret that customers will only return to your website if they were happy with the service they received. If using your website or contacting you was a great hassle for the user, then they are far less likely to use you again and will simply go to one of your competitors who is providing a more responsive service. The convenience and efficiency of a live chat facility will hopefully leave your customers fully satisfied, and result in their queries answered. The fast interaction will mean the customer’s answers and problems get dealt with quickly, a great way to please the customer, strengthening that customer loyalty which will increase the chance of return custom.

In the ever growing and fast-paced world of technology, it is essential to aim for the top and the best customer service you can provide, which is why live chat systems may significantly help and improve your status!

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