Work Experience at Creative Shed

Work Experience at Creative Shed

At Creative Shed Agency we are committed to supporting the next generation by providing them with different forms of work experience opportunities. The placements which we offer, help provide students with skills that they can used during their future career paths. It also allows them to envisage what it is like to be a part of a work team and how it differs from the school environment, whilst still incorporating educational learning.

Opening our first office back in May 2013 gave us us the ability to accommodate additional staff and work experience students. Over the last 5 years, we have taught a number of students, providing them with invaluable skills which they could take away with them. We have a good relationship with the local secondary schools and many of our placements have stemmed from the ‘Work Experience’ weeks that the schools allow for during the curriculum.

Working alongside the school, we were able to find the most suitable candidates that would fit into our working environment. Whether that an interest in marketing, web development or design, the students that came to work alongside us were able to find learning opportunities based on their future career aspirations and interests.

The duration of these posts ranged from full weeks, to regular weekly sessions. Some of these placements were organised via the local schools and colleges, whilst other students approached us directly for their own unique learning opportunities.  With the guidance and experience of our staff, who shared their expertise, every student we have supported has gone away with a new-found knowledge, learnt a new set of skills and gained that all important work experience.

For some of our students, it was a stepping stone into their desired career, whereas for others it was a chance to understand the inner workings of a marketing and web design office, a world apart from the classroom they are so used to.

During 2018, we had the pleasure working with Matthew and Evan who worked closely with web developer Robert to enhance their design and website skills.

Back in 2017, we were joined by Chloe and Tom, two Sherburn High School students who wanted to learn about the basics of marketing and design.

Currently working with us, is Selby College student Torran who is learning the art of design.

Other work experience students include, Oliver, Matthew, Romie and Holly.

We are looking forward to a further two students joining us at Easter and in July this year from Tadcaster Grammar School. If you would be interested in our work experience opportunities then contact us to find out more.

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