Website Workshop – Register Now!

Website Workshop – Register Now!

Creative Shed Agency is excited to announce that we will be holding our informative website workshop during the YORBusiness Networking Event which is going to be held in Leeds, York and Hull during October and November 2017.

What is YORBusiness?

The YORBusiness Networking Event is more than just a networking event! In addition to the open networking, YORBusiness also holds a business fair and workshops throughout the morning and the afternoon which is open to all UK businesses.

Is it Free to Attend?

The best thing about the YORBusiness Event is that not only is it completely free to attend, but all of the workshops are free to attend too! Register your interest by visiting the YORBusiness event page.

When is the Website Workshop?

The events are taking place in Hull on the 19th of October, Leeds on the 2nd of November and York on the 23rd of November. More details can be found on the YORBusiness event page.

Is Your Website SEO Perfect? Live Demonstration!

During our quick, thirty-minute website workshop, we are going to be going talking about potential issues and problems that your website might have that can affect your SEO (search engine optimisation). During our workshop, we will be giving you valuable advice, tips and tricks on how you can improve your website, what to look out for and what to be aware of when updating your website.

We will be holding live demonstrations during our website workshop by using website addresses from people in the audience. Alternatively, if you’d like a confidential report, we can do that for you too after the event.

Where do I Register?

You can register your interest by visiting the YORBusiness event page.

Can’t Make it?

If you can’t make any of the YORBusiness events, you can get our website performance report remotely. Simply fill out our form and we will get back to you!


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