Our Top 10 Marketing Campaigns of 2018

Our Top 10 Marketing Campaigns of 2018

2018 has been an excellent year for marketing. We’ve seen innovation, awareness and, of course, controversy: all factors that help deliver a truly memorable campaign. It’s been hard to select our favourites, but here at Creative Shed Agency we’ve whittled it down to list our top 10 campaigns of the year:

Droga5 and CoverGirl: ‘Stand Out’ – February 2018

The Stand Out campaign featured a model with vitiligo: a skin condition that causes sufferers to lose the pigments in their skin cells. The ad shows the model using two different shades of the brand’s cosmetics on her face instead of just one, to complement rather than cover her condition. In a voiceover, the model asks ‘why try to blend it when you can choose to stand out?’. We love the idea of celebrating different forms of beauty and challenging the media’s stereotypical conceptions of what beauty is: this was an excellent campaign.

Iceland: ‘Rang-tan’ – November 2018

In what could be the most controversial ad campaign of 2018, the story of Rang-tan has captured the nation’s hearts. The campaign was not allowed to be shown on TV due to the Advertising Standards Authority ruling it ‘too political’; however, 680,000 people have signed the petition for it to be allowed back on our screens. The ad was made in collaboration with Greenpeace and aimed to raise awareness of palm oil and wood pulp plantations causing deforestation and leading to many animal species facing extinction.

McDonald’s: #ReindeerReady Christmas campaign – November 2018

The McDonald’s campaign focused on Santa visiting houses with reindeer, but finding that no carrots had been left for Rudolph. As a result, they stop at McDonald’s to buy some carrots. The campaign is part of the company’s 2018 Christmas ads, and will feature alongside their festive menu, a Snapchat filter and a Christmas game. An excellent way to gain anticipation for younger customers, the advert is also warming the hearts of all ages.

adidas: ‘Here to Create’ – April 2018

The adidas campaign was innovative and fast-paced, showcasing how creative developments and new technologies can deliver impressive campaigns. adidas created an individual and personalised video for each and every one of the 30,000+ runners in the London Marathon: in just 24 hours!

Hubbub Foundation: ‘#Leedsbyexample’ – October 2018

This is another campaign that covers a very important issue, and we are particularly proud of our association by location as it was initiated so close to home. #Leedsbyexample trials new ways to make recycling easier and more consistent, with recycling bins located in over 30 different locations in Leeds City Centre. It’s a brilliant opportunity to raise awareness of important environmental issues.

Corona: World Oceans Day sculpture – June 2018

For World Oceans Day, Corona created a creative outdoor campaign with Parley TV to bring change to the beverage industry and protect 100 islands. Campaigns alerting consumers to environmental concerns have been prominent this year, but it is evident why: this campaign featured a wave of discarded plastic on a street in London, a shocking sight that highlighted the volume of marine plastic and the plight of our oceans. Using a marketing platform to raise awareness of extremely important issues…well done, Corona!

Tommys: ‘Together for Change’ – July 2018

Tommy’s Together for Change was a harrowing and emotional campaign running earlier this year. Its purpose was to put an end to the silence and shame surrounding baby loss, revealing the heartbreaking figure that 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in miscarriage, stillbirth or premature birth. Tommy’s campaign aimed to try and make people suffering feel less lonely, and also create greater awareness of the devastation of baby loss and premature birth.

KFC: ‘FCK’ – February 2018

KFC faced a barrage of outbursts earlier this year when the chicken shop ran out of chicken. The operational failure meant many stores had to close, and the crisis even left some disgruntled customers trying to contact emergency services to vent their anger. To try and save face, the firm reimaged their logo to say ‘FCK’ with a featured apology underneath. The tongue in cheek, witty comment made us laugh at Creative Shed, and we thought this was an excellent way for a firm to handle a crisis.

John Lewis advert: #EltonJohnLewis – November 2018

A Christmas Classic! The renowned annual festive John Lewis advert is always eagerly anticipated, and the 2018 campaign ranks high on our list of favourites. It shows Elton John through the years, reminiscing to a childhood Christmas with the gift of his first piano – a present from his grandma. The advert urges customers to think about the gifts they buy people as ‘more than just a gift’, and is a lovely heart-warming ad that’s got us feeling all festive!

Greggs: Reversed sign – November 2018

The reversed sign marketing ploy by Greggs was a thing of genius. Let’s set the scene: hundreds of eagle-eyed shoppers wait with anticipation for the reveal of the Fenwick’s Christmas display window. Amid the big reveal, a Greggs sign appears in the middle of the festive snowman scene: the company reversed their sign so it would feature in the display. The stunt was very clever, with thousands of people discussing it on social media – naturally coinciding with the release of the Greggs Festive Bake.

Do you agree with our choices? What campaigns stood out for you this year, and what marketing tactics made them so memorable? Let us know your choices below.

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