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My name is George, I’m currently 17 years old and studying A-level English literature, Psychology and Sociology at Tadcaster Grammar Sixth form. I have decided to gather some work experience over the course of the Easter half-term and in July from Creative Shed as I have an interest in graphic products, design and marketing. By having this opportunity I’m eager to learn new skills and topics that the agency can offer me and help me use in the future in either University or for a potential career.

By having this opportunity it will help me indicate whether I’d want to do this for a University course and to overall help me decide what I enjoy doing within the broad areas that Creative Shed have to offer. Starting the experience over a two day course in the Easter holidays, additional to my week experience in July – I began by writing an instruction manual as a beginner task to see if I had the capability to write in detail, developing my marketing skills. I’ve also learned skills of developing local websites that are managed here at Creative Shed and learnt the skills of WordPress and uploading events on a local Sherburn in Elmet online newspage. I also had the opportunity to create a draft leaflet for an upcoming festival, by doing this I’ve learnt new skills on Adobe Illustrator and how to create a functional leaflets by including marketing and designing skills.

At my second day at Creative Shed i was helped and carried on developing my Festival leaflet, by the help of Marrieanne I was shown new skills and furthering my understanding on design. I really enjoyed spending the past two days furthering my skills and trying new things out at the agency as it allowed me to understand things i really enjoyed and would possibly want to further myself with after sixth form.

Furthermore, as I started my official work experience in July, I began furthering my skills that I began earlier in the year. I started to learn the means of wordpress and developing news and events posts on the local Sherburn in Elmet news website. Also throughout my work experience I developed more leaflets and poster designs for the local food and craft festival, as well as, Business Networking Group Meetings. By the assistance of Rob and Marrieanne with designing and illustrator I was provided with a variety of skills and understanding of how computer designing works.

As a whole, I really enjoyed my work experience at Creative Shed, the great atmosphere and the team behind the company made me feel comfortable and allowed me to try a collective of things in the business, as I requested, to overall see if I liked or disliked the topics. The chilled out work area was also at an advantage with the pool table and working alongside a peer from school – I would be glad to go again and work for the company as they’ve allowed me to understand the creative skills behind the company.

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