Meet Evan – Work Experience June 2018

Meet Evan – Work Experience June 2018

Whilst on work experience, we ask our students to write a short blog, share some information about themselves and their time with us at Creative Shed. Here is Evans story:

“I’m a student in full time education at Sherburn high school where I study Maths, Geography and IT. I am doing my work experience at Creative Shed which is a marketing agency that helps other businesses. I chose this for my work experience because I wanted to go into anything within the IT sector of work, so this placement was very suitable to what I was looking for since majority of the work is IT based. I was looking forward to the work placement and thought it was an amazing start to the world of work because it is a possible sector of work that I was looking into and a possible future career, so I thought that Creative Shed was a fantastic place to experience what this type of work is like.

Creative Shed was a great experience. For starters we learnt a lot about the marketing industry and how communication is key to success and without good communication and socials skills it can sometimes be hard to get where you want since you might need to have many meetings with clients to talk about the proposal and what they want doing so communication will help a lot with this and make it a lot easier. We also did a lot of enjoyable work like designing leaflets for events than doing photography for websites. I really enjoyed this because it allowed us to work with more professional tools and showed us how to use them, for example, the large photography lights and how to use them well and to stop shadows.

My favourite part about the whole of Creative Shed was the staff and the atmosphere of the work area. It was very relaxing and not too stressful with them letting you have breaks if it gets too uncomfortable or if you want to move to a different task. They let you work on a selection of things. They have a great work ethic and it was great working with them, I enjoyed all my time here and I’m thankful that they allowed me to do work experience since it has given me a lot of insight to what work needs and I’m sure it will impact and help me in the future since it has given me lots on transferable skills and knowledge. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to do some good, helpful work experience or someone who wants work experience in this type of work and sector”.

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