Meet Chloe Storton

Meet Chloe Storton

Work Experience Student 2017

Chloe Storton from Sherburn High School spent one week at Creative Shed Agency as a work experience student. We asked her to write about her week placement and below are her thoughts on her time with us. Next week, our other work experience student, Tom Bolland’s blog will be uploaded, so keep checking back!

“When I’m asked what I want to do as a job, my answer is a simple; I don’t know.”

Like most students, the sound of “compulsory work experience” makes my eyes roll into the back of my head. When I’m asked what I want to do as a job, my answer is a simple; I don’t know. I would like to continue my education after Sixth Form and attend university. However, the degree I would like to do is still unknown to me.

I have a part-time job as a gymnastics coach and have completed a week of work experience previously with a data analysis team. Although these two opportunities don’t change my answer of I don’t know, it does allow me to narrow down what I would like to pursue in the future.

After requesting to be a work experience student somewhere where I could be imaginative and still incorporate my love of maths, I was assigned to Creative Shed Agency for a week. Without hesitation, I Googled Creative Shed to find out more information.

“My first thought was, oh no!”

After discovering that they were a marketing and website design agency, my first thought was, “oh no, I’ve not had any previous experience within either of these fields!” Therefore, I didn’t quite know what to expect.

On my first day, I was introduced to the whole team who were very welcoming and professionally laid out what we were going to complete during our week with them.

The owners of Creative Shed, Robert and Marrieanne had to continue with their meetings with clients and left us in the capable hands of Rosie and Kerry; as business doesn’t stop because of the arrival of a work experience student!

We began learning some of the basics and did a few fun tasks to break the ice and then, we were put to work.  Our first task was to find hotels in the local area for an upcoming event taking place in our village so they could then be added to the website.

“We were asked to create a list of instructions for an alien.”

On Monday before leaving the office, our final task was far more peculiar than prior work that we had completed.  We were asked to create a list of instructions for an alien explaining how to make a cup of tea. Both Tom (the other work experience student) and I had many questions to ask, but they weren’t allowed to be answered because it would give away the reason of the task.

Despite being confused, Tom and I continued to create the instructions. Once we had finished, we handed the instructions to Rosie and Kerry who took them to laugh at later. They told us that the reason for the task was to show how much detail is needed when carrying out even the most simple marketing tasks and that just “putting the water into a kettle” isn’t good enough. What is water? What is a kettle?

“I hadn’t realised how detailed their work would be.”

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Tom and I were set the task of researching for different events going on nearby. After we had collected all of the relevant information for the website, we were shown by Kerry how to insert it onto the pages of the websites and why each section of the website matters. Kerry talked to us about SEO and keywords and how they are necessary to help people discover your website.

I found this behind-the-scenes look at the website interesting and, as an English student, I enjoyed seeing how a website can be successful through altering words and ensuring to include specific ones.

Before arriving, I had my ideas about what the staff would be doing at Creative Shed but I hadn’t realised how detailed their work would be and how much knowledge you had to obtain to be able to be successful at it.

“I now understand the basics of how SEO and CTRs work.”

Since being here, I have heard numerous abbreviations; but nothing like “OMG” and “WTF” like I would have used. Instead, it’s more of “SEO” and “CTR” that’s being thrown around the office. However, after only one week at Creative Shed, I now understand the basics of how SEO (search engine optimisation) and CTRs (click through rates) work, and I could confidently apply them to a situation.

Did doing your work experience at Creative Shed help you decide what you want to do when leaving school?

Despite enjoying this week, the answer to my very first question above, is still, “I don’t know.” Nevertheless, this has helped to guide me towards other possibilities that I can research for my future. Creative Shed Agency is a fantastic company, but at this moment in time, I don’t believe I could commit to being sat at a desk all day with my attention span.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my week at Creative Shed Agency and loved being a part of the team. I respect what they do, their work ethic and how amazing their service is. Likewise, I admire how they can sit at a desk all day without complaining about sore eyes or a numb bum! The teamwork seamlessly together, and I feel honoured to have experienced this and learned information I can use in the future.

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