Creative Shed Challenge – March

As referenced in our last blog, during 2019 we will be taking part in team building exercises, in which we will compete against one another in a range of different challenges.

In our first video, we were getting physical and raced against the clocked to be the sit-up champion. In a tight battle, Rosie was crowned the sit-up queen smashing 14 sit ups in 30 seconds.

Luckily for our contestants, March’s challenge was far more tasty! This time we had just 30 seconds to pick up as many Malteser’s as we could,. However, there was a twist: the chocolates must be picked up with chopsticks using just one hand! Whilst Rosie, Marrieanne and Torran found this challenge very tricky, Robert and Laura proved to be the stars of the show. Despite a close call between them, Robert was declared the winner and took the crown as champion!

The winner got to eat his prize (with the help of the other challengers, of course!). The next challenge will be – our Easter Egg and Spoon Race.

Who will win next?

See the video below:

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