Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a recognised requirement of all professions. CPD can take the form of a presentation, factory visit, literature or any other similar method of learning. It is a way of documenting learning and putting into practice, skills and knowledge. CPD can be formal or informal, practical or academic, face to face or online.



Development of Materials

Creative Shed Agency can develop CPD materials from scratch which includes research and gathering of information. This makes the process quicker and easier using fewer resources in-house.


Training can be provided on presentation skills and we can give good advice on how to deliver materials across to your delegates. Using real examples we can support you to deliver CPD and get the most out of it. We can even assist you to obtain delegates and arrange events.


Where required, we can take care of the certification process for you and help speed up the process using our knowledge and experience to get it right first time. Creative Shed Agency are approved agents for the CPD Certification Service.

Improve Sales

Using Creative Shed Agency to support you with all your CPD requirements will enable you to gather more sales leads and generate more enquiries, in turn will increase sales and revenue for your business.